An over-sized blazer or boyfriend blazer is a classic that every woman should have in her closet. It’s long been a go-to garment for both work and weekend wear and for the ladies (like me) who have those cute tummy bulges, jackets are life savers!

If you check my Pinterest boards  you’ll also find that I have a slight obsession with the style because blazers just add elegance to almost anything you wear! The problem is I personally find them hard to pull off due to my short stature. I’m only 5’1″ but of course I never let those preconceived style rules define what I wear! I always find a way around them and encourage other ladies to let your style shine regardless of trends and live ‘loudly’ in your own unique way.

Wearing over-sized clothing in general is a huge risk but from watching various design shows (and trial and error ) I’ve realized that the trick to pulling off any style really is to be intentional with how you pair your looks. So randomly throwing things together might work for some (you know those glamorous people who can wear absolutely anything and look amazing)  but for others,  impromptu pairings will definitely have you looking like a homeless person (… ‘oops this didn’t look like THAT in my head’ ). We’ve all had those days.

So for my short gals, the trick for pulling off this over-sized blazer trend is to be very intentional in how you wear it and with what. Here are my best tips for rocking this cool piece.


It’s quite simple. If you go large at the top, you slim things down at the bottom. As much as I’d love to wear an over-sized tee under my blazer with a loose boyfriend jeans, for that laid back street style look, it won’t be an easy feat to pull off. I recommend pairing with a more fitted top underneath and a fitted pants or tights to balance things off.  I even go risky and wear no top with this one and show a little cleavage which adds some sexiness to an already over-sized outfit. 

2. Play Up Your Proportions With High Waist Skirts and Pants 

Petite ladies, high waists are always on our side (…corny pun here. I apologize). Truth is, this is very flattering for petite women. Whether you’re a slim or curvy petite, high waists give definition to your middle section and works even better when it tapers in further down on the hips and legs. So ladies, hug those waist and hips when wearing these blazers. I paired this blazer with high waist skinny jeans that also fall right above my ankle, making my legs look longer than they really are.

3. Choose solid colors

Again, when choosing the color of our clothes, being intentional is very important. For petite ladies, when wearing over-sized clothing, solid colors work best. The idea is to not look overcrowded and a huge blazer with floral or busy bottoms will do just that; overcrowd us. If the blazer is a solid color, go crazy with your bottoms. If your bottoms are solid, a pinstripe or floral blazer will be perfect.

It’s also good to note that jackets in solid colors not only maximize wear ability, they also make us look taller (if you wish to look a few inches taller than you are).

4. Pick Jackets with a V-Neckline

If you wish to have a more balanced silhouette, make a statement AND show off your accessories, pick a classic jacket with a V-neckline.  This is perfect for elongating the neckline and makes the outfit look sharper and classier.


This is one of my favorite ways to to wear my large jackets. It makes me look effortless and stylish. Keep in mind though that men roll their sleeves and women cuff theirs (probably because a roll makes our wrists/arms look larger than they are and no woman wants that ). It creates the appearance of longer, leaner arms and looks so much more  flattering.


An outfit is never complete without the right shoes. Stilettos or kitten heels, block heels or wedge; wear heels to accentuate and elongate your legs and also add a little height.

7. Wear your blazer with confidence! 

You can apply all the tricks in the book with styling and wearing clothes but the most important thing is that you wear every trend with confidence! It doesn’t matter how short or tall you are, as long as you feel awesome in whatever you’re wearing! Trust me when I say the best I’ve ever looked was when I decided to wear whatever the hell I want with little regard for what others think.


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